About Trimm Design

Although we are able to draw from a rich experience of working in the design and maritime, we have a culture of a young and ambitious company. We value development and creativity as we strive to test the limits in design and engineering. Our goal is to produce intelligent, reliable and exceptional designs that reflect or surpass our client’s specifications.

The foundation of our work lies in the continual commitment of converting our client’s vision into reality. Our philosophy has enabled us to work on remarkable projects ranging in various sizes and locations all over the world. This has also resulted in long-lasting collaborations and a continuous growth for Trimm design over the years.

Due to our strong growth, our team depth and in-house experience we are able to push the boundaries in yacht design, naval architecture and engineering. Our dedicated team works with the leading software solutions and incorporates a methodical approach to every element of the process.

“In a world of endless possibilities, experience is everything”.



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Yacht design

Any new design starts with understanding the client’s needs and wishes and is specifically fine-tuned to both his/her taste and lifestyle. Our experienced team of designers can design every element of your project from the exterior design to the high-end interior.

Naval architecture

The naval architecture is dealing with the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the yacht and its structure. It involves basic and applied research, design, development, design evaluation and calculations during all stages of the life of a yacht. Preliminary design of the yacht, its detailed design, construction, trials, operation and maintenance and launching are the main services provided.

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Yacht engineering

Yacht engineering contains all the technical detailing of a design, in such a way that the casco of a yacht or vessel can be built with the highest efficiency and accuracy. All parts can be CNC or laser cut by specialized companies. In addition to the Trimm designs, we also engineer projects for third parties. These projects can vary from fairing and lofting, structural detailing, outfitting and nesting for yachts or vessels in any size.

Interior engineering

For any interior, yacht or residence we can offer production workshop drawings. These drawings contain detailed interior information needed for interior builders. Yacht interiors are often prefabricated on platforms outside the yacht. In combination with full detailed interior drawings substantial advantages with respect to both quality and construction time can be achieved.


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Aircraft Interior

Stylish interior design, lightweight technology, expertise, rules and regulations”; it all comes together here. Additional to yacht interiors, Trimm design has had the opportunity to both design and engineer the VIP interior of aircrafts and jets. All according to the requested high requirements in this field.


Due to our dedication to luxury and design we do not limit ourselves to yachts, but also provide the same passion and quality for private residences, offices or hotels.
Trimm design is able to take care of all aspects of architecture, engineering, management and coordination of your project.